Thursday, June 23, 2011

The New Beginning

There comes a time in your life when you have to take over and make a complete difference. Today is my day. This is a new blog that will help me to reach my goal of being thinner. I have been watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss on ABC. (I am sure they will try to sue me for using their name) But I love this Chris Powell and how he helps the Morbidly Obese in 365 days to transform their lives. He breaks it down into 90 day goals. I have found it interesting that there is always a "relapse" where there isn't much weight lost. I believe that has happened to me. I have gained weight over the past several months. Nothing I am proud of, and something I cannot seem to control. I know that there is reasons this has happened. The thing that I have found interesting is that without a great support team, your chances for success is limited. (No matter what you are doing in life)  Most people will tell you that there are there to help you succeed, but the truth is that we are all too busy to encourage, go walking, share a recipe, go to the gym, or help do a weigh in.  The reason that these shows on TV are so successful is that there is a HUGE support system, Cooks, Trainers, doctors, and there is no job distractions. But for everyone else there is no support system. (Really in anything in life, there is no support system) It is coming to the point where you try to do it all by yourself. Sometimes you will succeed, MOST of the time you will fail. It is part of being HUMAN. It is the constant trying again. and having people think that you are not determined because you failed at one of your attempts, That makes you a success. Eventually, I believe all goals can be achieved. Hopefully there will be those to encourage you and take the journey with you. But if not, you realize that it is your journey, and your journey alone.

So here is the New Beginning.

  • Goal for the next 90 days- Ending on September 21, 2011 to lose 50 pounds.
  • To complete a Triathlon with Ben on August 27th, 2011 in Thatcher AZ. It might be a small one but it is a start. ( I am still looking to borrow/buy a bike.)
  • To help with Cameret's Wedding, I am so happy for this amazing young woman and I know she will be a BEAUTIFUL Bride. (The reason, I know her mother; and she was also a beautiful bride!)
  • Stop eating after 7pm.
  • Before work walks on the treadmill.
  • Weight Training (building up those arms)
  • Going to bed by 10pm

So why the new start, or Restart??? After my dad had a stroke; I knew that I didn't want my kids to be sitting in a hospital waiting room in their 40's because I didn't do my part to get my body healthy. Also the people who helped me last year to lose the weight are really not in my life anymore. I am grateful for Phyllis, Jan, and Donna; and their positive words of encouragement, praise, and cheering. You ladies have stayed the same in the past year and I feel really blessed to know you all. For those who live close to me and walk with me on the track, swim with me at the pool, offer your scale for a weigh in, or food out of your garden. Thank you. I cannot say THANK YOU enough or often enough.

So what do I need/want....... I want a work out partner. Someone who wants to change their life.

The question is, will I find one. Because today starts a new chapter in my book of life. My pages are blank and I have the pen.

It is up to me to know what kind of story I will write.

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