Friday, June 24, 2011

The 1st Step is the Hardest

It is said that a million mile walk starts with one step. Or if you want to eat an elephant you need to do it one bite at a time. I believe it is true with changing your life. I feel that I know where I want to go, but lack the road map to get there. Yes, I know eat less and exercise more. But that is so much easier said than done.

So I started thinking last night, at Midnight after eating Gluten Free Pizza & Wings. That I had already broken one of my goals. I was a little bummed thinking if I can't go more than 8 hours sticking to my plan, How in the world am I going to make 90 Days. Then I remember a quote from my mission, "The big news isn't that Adam Fell, It was that Adam got up and tried better." I have to ask myself daily, "Am I doing better today than I did yesterday?"

So with that being said, I did sleep in until 7am. I came to work with a positive attitude.
Then I started to list Health Changes I have made in my life in the past few years.

1. I stopped drinking Diet Soda. Heck, I haven't even drank any type of soda since July 2009. My kids totally hate that there is no longer soda in the house. I was drinking anywhere from 3-4 2 liter bottles a day of diet soda.

2. I try to eat 5 Fresh fruits or veggies a day. It has been interesting to see me change what I eat. When we lived in a House I had started to plan a garden. It was something that made me feel real again. Now living in an apartment, I feel so grateful and blessed to have a friend who not only knows how to grow amazing things BUT is willing to share with me and my kids. There is nothing that taste as good as a salad out of a garden. Who would have EVER thought I would love pickling cucumbers!

3. I try to drink a Nutriiveda/Protein Shake daily. It seems to help me get that extra amount of protein that is needed to burn fat and stave off cravings. My favorite shakes are Chocolate Nutriiveda with about 5 Strawberries and Ice. It taste like a Wendy's Frosty.  Or the Vanilla Nutriiveda with Carrot Top Greens, (This what they look like coming out of the garden) Spinach, & Berries. I add ice. It is so so YUMMY! Yep Green Shake for me.

4. I still take about 500,000 heat units of Cayenne a Day. It seems to keep me healthy.

5. I eat only organic fresh chicken eggs. I am so excited that Rhett & Eliisa were willing to raise some chickens. I am grateful that Stacy gave me the idea when I visited her in April. There is nothing that taste better than fresh eggs. The fact that they are free range makes it even better. I had always thought that eggs were making me sick. It is interesting to know that fresh eggs don't.

6. I eat Gluten Free! Mainly the reason is because I have Celiac's Disease!! I know that it would be easier and cheaper to eat things with Gluten, but being sick isn't worth it at all.

I wish my list could be longer. But who doesn't.

So Where does my road to great health and a better body start. It starts with the Goal of walking everyday this weekend for 2 miles. I know that might sound silly, but without the kids home. I can walk the neighborhood. Then with the weather forecast calling for a temp of 105, I believe I will play in the pool.

Now to stop eating out. To drink more water. And to be kinder. Then I believe I will be on the right path.

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