Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Hate November!!!

There is a movie scene where the guy screams out the window "I am Mad as Hell and I am not going to take it Anymore"(I don’t even know the name of the Movie) I do have a short temper but I know I am not mad, I just want my world, this world, to be a better place. I have realized that life is too short for the constant need for putting each other down or being mean. We say that we want to stop bullying, a fairer world, or more compassion for those that suffer. But what do we do about it. I personally know that I need to do more. Change has to start with me. I need to be the person thinking about those who are fighting cancer who might need a meal or childcare, those who just had a new baby that might need a few hours to sleep or laundry folded, to be the listening ear to the woman who son is making choices that might change is life for the worst, or to say thank you to someone who helped you with a project at work.

I was told recently to stop trying to make the world a better place and instead make my life better. "You live paycheck to paycheck, your kids have other people’s clothes on, you live in a nasty apartment, and you don’t even have a pair of Sunday shoes for yourself. Why do you keep trying to help other people out when you need the most help and no one helps you" I was in shock for a few reasons, 1. They said this in my home 2. That they thought I might not have known these things about my life. 3. That they might actually believe that I wanted to continue this type of life for my kids forever. 4. But most of all that they didn’t understand that by helping others I was improving my life.

At first I was mad and then realized what I did have. 1. I have 3 kids who know that there will always be someone worse off than them. 2. That years from know when I am dead my kids will know I did everything in my power to try to take care of their needs. 3. That person who said this didn’t know me, As A person who feels that each one of us must be responsible for our own actions, Fess up, Own it, Change it, and Move on! I also realized was there someone that I might be judging because of my perceptions. I just knew I needed to change my attitude. 4. That I will Survive.

It has made me even more determined to Stop The Hate we must daily start by being kinder. Someone asked me how I felt about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. My answer is simple, I wish I could take off work to voice my opinion, But I am like most people just trying to make sure that my kids have food in their bellies, smiles on their faces, and somewhere safe to sleep at night.

I am grateful for a DESIRE to make the world a better place.

It starts today. For the next 30 days, I will try to live with 1 desire in mind to make it a little bit kinder, nicer, and more compassionate than it is today. If you want to be apart of the true change that will make life better, then Do, Share, and Be Different!

Day 1-
When encountering someone today, let your first thoughts be, What kind words can I say to this person and what kind things can I do?

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